The company was founded in Piraeus in 1926 and soon after became a major player in the metal food packaging industry.

In 1965, the company relocates to owned premises at Renti, where its headquarters and one of its plants are actually located. In 1983, an additional plant was established in Northern Greece, near Skydra in Pella prefecture.

Since the creation of the company, its history goes in tandem with the development of the Greek Industry of Canned Goods and Greek Metal Packaging in general.

Today, ELSA is a big and modern metal can manufacturing company, with successful activities well beyond its national borders.

Currently, ELSA:
(a) is one of the major Greek manufacturers of tinplate cans.
(b) is the greatest Greek manufacturer of General Line cans for foodstuff and other goods,
(c) is a leading manufacturer of round-shaped drawn cans for fish and ready-to-serve meals, while it is also engages in the manufacture of rectangular drawn cans (dingley) for fish products and their respective easy open ends.
(d) has a state-of-the-art and constantly upgraded know-how, which combined with its modern facilities and well-trained human resources enables the company to manufacture high quality products.

All these elements are strengthened by our ongoing committment to quality towards our customers, according to the ELOT ลอ ISO 9001 standard, on which our company is certified since 1997.

The company's "know-how" started to accumulate in 1977, through the agreement of technical assistance with the at the time world leader in the can-making field, American Can Company. Today, the know-how is upgraded mainly via the participation of ELSA in the International Packaging Association (I.P.A.), which through the exchange of viewpoints, data and technical information with peer international companies has enabled ELSA to maintain its leading position in Greece an to sustain its growth in foreign markets.